Online Prescription


1. Where can I check and order my prescription?


You can find your prescriptions under the My Account.
To order your prescription click on the prescription you want to order.


2. How do I know I need a prescription for my order?


Medications that require a valid prescription will show the Prescription banner.


3. How do I know if a medication is right for me?


We built an enriched medication details page to explain all you need to know about the medication and if you still need extra help, you can refer to our Pharmaceutical Services Center for guidance.


4. How do I get a prescription? 


You can use the Live Care service to initiate a prescription online, or you can contact our Pharmaceutical Services Center to book a clinic appointment.


5. How long can I use my prescription?


The validity of your prescription is determined by its expiry date.


6. Do I need to send a prescription every time I order? (for prescription items only)


One-time prescriptions can not be used more than once. 
As for refill prescriptions, we schedule the refills according to the doctor's instructions.


7. What if my prescription has expired?


Al Habib ePharmacy has got you covered! Use Live Care service or contact our Pharmaceutical Services Center to get a new clinic appointment.


8. How long does it take to get my prescription insurance approved?


The average approval duration is 15 minutes, yet it may take up to 2 hours (based on insurance company procedure).


9. Why was my prescription rejected?


Your prescription was rejected for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Your prescription is expired

2. Your prescription is not covered by insurance

3. Other reasons will be communicated by the pharmacist


10. How do I check insurance coverage on my order?


If your insurance covers a product; you will automatically see your insurance coverage in the product price.


11. Is there a way to receive reminders when my prescriptions are due for refills?


Yes, you will be notified.


12. Are there any special instructions I should follow when taking my medications?


Please refer to your doctor for special instructions. You can also contact our pharmacists to guide you on your medication at Pharmaceutical Service Center.