LAKUM Points

1. What is LAKUM Program?


LAKUM is a loyalty program that will provide complimentary points on the customer’s total invoice except VAT.



2. How can I enroll in LAKUM program?


You can enroll in LAKUM program by one of the following methods:

1. Using the application or the website. 
2. By visiting any Alhabib pharmacies branch, all new users must visit the online platform and agree to the terms and conditions to activate their account.



3. How can I manage my LAKUM account?


You can manage your LAKUM account via:


1. Using the application or the website. 
2. Visiting any Alhabib pharmacies branch.



4. How do I collect LAKUM points and how are they calculated?


LAKUM users will receive 2% of their total purchase values (VAT Exclusive) to be deposited as "LAKUM Points" into their account.

1 LAKUM Point is equivalent to 0.5 SAR, this means that if your total order value is 100 SAR (VAT exclusive), therefore you'll receive 2 points, which is equal to 1 SAR in your account.

The percentage may vary from (category to category), (group to group), (subgroup to subgroup), (item to item) or from (time to time) according to offers, season, etc.



5. How do I redeem my LAKUM points?


Your LAKUM balance will be displayed among the payment options, allowing you to purchase your items using LAKUM points.



6. What happens to my LAKUM points if I return my order?


In case of a sales return that has points granted, the granted points will be deducted from the customer's LAKUM account. 

In case of a sales return that was done via other payment option and points redemption either of the following conditions will apply: 
1.  If the returned items amount is equal to or less than the other paid option; the other paid option amount will be refunded only.
2.  If the returned items amount exceed the other paid option; both other paid option and LAKUM points will be refunded.



7. Are LAKUM points subject to expiry?


Yes, LAKUM points are subject to expiry. You will receive notifications via SMS of their expiry dates.


8. Can I get Lakum points by purchasing a discounted item. 

Yes, you will still receive the points as per point 4. 


9. Terms & Conditions for the LAKUM Program.


LAKUM Terms and Conditions