1. How can I track my order?


To track your order, select My Account , select Orders, select See Details of the order you want track and select Track Order button.



2. Why was my order cancelled?


You will receive a notification of your cancel reasons through an email.

Order cancel reasons may vary as follows:

1) Payment issues: Your payment method may have been declined or an issue might've occured while processing your payment. 

2) Product availability: The product you ordered is out of stock.

3) Shipping or delivery issues: The driver might've faced an issue while delivering your order such as customer inavailability at delivery location, car acidents, natural occurrences.

4) Incorrect information: The information you provided, contact info and location, when you placed your order was missing/incorrect. 



3. How do I cancel my order?


Go to My Account -> Orders -> See Details of the designated order, and press I Want to Cancel My Order.

You can also cancel your order once Package is Ready by contacting our customer service team through Pharmacutical Services Center.

[email protected]
WhatsApp: +966 558434444
Customer Service help line: +966 - 11- 2833400


4. What is Al Habib ePharmacy's return policy?


Here is Al Habib ePharmacy's return policy:


1.   All Materials are returnable except materials that cannot be returned due to hygienic reasons, for instance but not limited to (shavers, epilators, oral/ dental care) unless found defective,    in addition to the refrigerated Materials under specific degree determined at our discretion. You can initiate a return through our Site, by calling Customer Service or by visiting the pharmacy branch where the product was purchased.

2.   Refund, exchange and return is only allowed in the dispensing branch.

3.   You must bring your national ID and original invoice within 3 days of purchase to benefit from the refund, exchange & return service.

4.   You can return the Materials if it were at the same state as purchased with all its parts and covered with its original cover.

5.   Electrical equipment is non-returnable.

6.   In case of return, the amount of the refunded Materials will be transferred to your card, Tamara or bank account (whichever applies) within 5 to 7 business days. Any Lakum points or store  credit used in the purchase shall be refunded to the customer’s account within 1 day after approval.

7.   Fees of delivery will not be refunded unless the return was due to manufacturing defect.

8.   We reserve the right to request photographic, written or verbal justification for returned orders in order to approve and process them.

9.   For return of bundle items or offer items, the whole set of products must be returned.

10.   For Cross-City returns with no MEP branch, the customer shall be responsible for all delivery charges associated with the return, except in cases where the product is faulty or if the wrong order has been sent. In such cases the delivery cost for returning the product will be covered by us. The customer must notify the company within 3 days of receiving the product and provide evidence of the problem. The company reserves the right to determine whether a product is faulty or wrong and to offer a replacement or refund at its sole discretion. The customer acknowledges and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions when purchasing any products from the Site.



5. How can I review my past orders?

Go to My Account -> Orders where all your previous & ongoing orders are displayed. 


6. How do I return my order?

Go to My Account -> Orders -> See Details of the designated order, and press I Want to Return My Order.


You can also return your order by contacting Customer Service team at Pharmaceutical Services Center.



7. What do I do if there are missing products from my order?


Incase your order has missing products please contact our customer service team through Customer support Center.



8. Is there a minimum order value required?


There is no minimum value to place an order.



9. Can someone place an order on my behalf?


You can contact our Pharmaceutical Services Center to place an order for you.



10. What are the terms and conditions for campaign offers?


The following terms and conditions apply to discount vouchers and coupons;


1.   Only one voucher or coupon code can be used per order.

2.   Vouchers and coupons have expiration dates, which will be listed in the terms and conditions of the specific offer.

3.   Vouchers and coupons may have restrictions on what products or services they can be used for, which will be listed in the terms and conditions of the specific offer.

4.   Vouchers and coupons may only be used once, unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions of the specific offer.

5.   If you return an item that you purchased with a voucher or coupon code, the voucher or coupon amount may be deducted from your refund; cash refund is not available if the purchased    product is of a lesser value than the voucher amount.

6.   Vouchers and coupons have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

7.   Vouchers and coupons are non-transferable and cannot be sold, returned or exchanged.

8.   Vouchers and coupons are not associated with Lakum points

9.   Unutilized expired vouchers cannot be accepted or reissued.



11. When will the Out of stock items be available? 

You can request a notification via email when the missing items you've selected are available in stock.